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DakotaFest: Sharing Our Agricultural Story One Person At A Time

6 days - 5 events - 3 states - 2,000+ miles covered - 1 tired, but grateful gal!
I’ve covered a lot of ground this week speaking, and it was a real treat to end this little tour in my hometown at one of my favorite events of the year — DakotaFest!
Thank you to VitaFerm and Biozyme for the invitation to share my message! It was such an honor getting to be a part of all the cool things happening in the livestock demo tent this year!
I was also very excited about the other vendors who shared the tent space with us including the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, who partnered with Michelle Weber Studio and I to produce, “BEEF Strong,” as well as Zoetis, who worked with us on “C is for Care!”
The kids did a great job signing and selling books, and making change, too! I call that a homeschool win!
We also had the chance to connect with the Woolsey-Wessington FFA Chapter, as well! They’ll be reading the books in their elementary schools this school year! Very excited for them!
My summer run of speeches is wrapped, and the message feels more urgent and important than ever before. The fight to keep producers on the land and meat, dairy, and eggs on the dinner table continues.
We need every agriculturalist involved in sharing their stories and connecting with consumers — not on a superficial level, but on a real heart level. I truly believe we have an incredible story to tell, and if people had the chance to meet the folks in rural America who I know and love, I think they would fall in love with the farming and ranching community, too.
Finally, I need to thank my crew at home who keep things rolling smoothly while I’m on the road. You know who you are, and Tyler Radke and I couldn’t do it without you!
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