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Bid On Beef


At Bid on Beef, we are revolutionizing how American families procure the finest cuts of beef to enjoy with loved ones at home. We are passionate about caring for our land and cattle, and the result is high-quality, delicious, savory steaks, roasts, briskets, and burgers.

Our desire is to connect with the people we aim to serve by going direct to you, our customers. Through live beef auctions, we want to give you the opportunity to choose the cuts and the price of your beef!

From the comfort of your home, immerse yourself in the cowboy way as you bid on beef during our live beef auctions. With each bid, you become a part of something bigger – a community bound by a shared love for exceptional Angus and Wagyu beef and a commitment to supporting hard-working American ranchers.

We carefully vet each family farm and ranch with an incredible beef-eating experience in mind. Our guarantee on this platform is the premium Angus and Wagyu beef offered in our auctions is American raised, fed, processed, packaged, and delivered from the loving hands of our individual cattle ranching families.

Be a part of Bid On Beef where you’re the taste master and price maker. Select your cuts and join the fast-paced fun of the auction process. With your top bid, secure your favorite lot, savor the win and the thrill of victory, and buy with confidence, knowing that amazing beef is headed to your door! 

Welcome to the Bid on Beef experience! 

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