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        NEW TOPIC: Bulletproof Your Business

        Looking for a workshop to help your attendees deep-dive into the family agricultural enterprise? In this session, Amanda breaks down how to become price makers instead of price takers in agriculture. She explores how to step into the driver seat of the family business and hit the gas pedal hard using steps that are strategic, tactical, focused, and impactful. This session allows attendees to do an audit of their own agricultural businesses with take home action items to do with family members and employees. Continue to grow a legacy on the land with Amanda's "Bulletproof Your Business" method.  

        Topic #1: Meaningful Ag Advocacy Begins With Building Relationships

        Agricultural Advocacy In Action Earns Premiums While Making Priceless Connections

        Today’s consumer wants to know more about where their food comes from, but they aren’t getting their information from farmers and ranchers; they are getting their information from the loud voices of animal welfare activists, environmentalist zealots, biased media reporters, healthcare practitioners with plant-based agendas and celebrity influencers.

        My work in this arena isn't superficial. I've been in the thick of things since 2006, when I staged a walk-out at the Carrie Underwood concert held at the National FFA Convention because of her affiliation and donations to the slick animal rights organization, the Humane Society of the United States.

        Fast-forward to 2019, an open letter to Ellen DeGeneres responding to her push to #beneateatless meat, went viral on social media. Viewed tens of millions of times, this chapter in my advocacy work led to 50+ media interviews in just a few short weeks, which allowed me to debunk popular misconceptions about animal agriculture while becoming known as the "champion for agriculture" in the farming and ranching community.

        Needless to say, I will not quit fighting against these politicians, celebrities and media giants who bash agriculture and perpetuate misconceptions. And I ask the audience to help me in this battle by doing three things -- leading with kindness, providing factual information, and being tough on those who want to put us out of business.

        Focusing on consumer trends and how society really views food producers, this speech deep-dives into what these voices are saying about us and how we can most effectively respond as producers to protect our freedoms to farm, our freedoms to own livestock, and our freedom of choice at the grocery store.

        What’s more, I discuss the regulatory pressures, the increasing demands from retailers and the myths that perpetuate these ongoing external challenges that aim to stifle producers and eliminate our industry, one family farm at a time.

        I aim to motivate and inspire listeners, as well as give them the tools they need to succeed along the way. We have some laughs while covering some serious topics, as well. This is my most popular messaging request at agricultural events.

        Topic #2: "Plant & Prune The Family Ag Business To Reap A Bountiful Harvest"

        Navigating Dynamics of Multi-Generational Family Agricultural Businesses

        When I returned back to the family ranch after college, I had a lot of big ideas for change! Imagine my frustration when my relentless pursuit for “doing things better” was met with skepticism and push-back from my parents. After all, they had been in the business for decades, and here I was a young kid fresh out of school who thought I could sweep in and change things up without first having some serious skin in the game.

        If you work alongside family in your agricultural business, surely you can relate. The way we communicate as Millennial producers to our Baby Boomer parents isn’t always effective, and visa versa.

        In addition, when you start adding in-laws, spouses and sibling dynamics to the big picture, it can be a huge challenge to keep the business running and to maintain the familial relationships at the same time!

        That’s where I come in. As a fifth generation rancher raising the six-generation on our family operation, I’ve experienced the same challenges so many others have in agriculture. The message of this speaking topic focuses on clearly communicating with family members by understanding personality differences, age gaps and when/where/what should be discussed at family business meetings.

        This speech is deeply personal, and often a heavy topic, but it comes from the heart, as well. It’s relatable, and I’ve had groups both laughing and crying throughout the presentation. Working alongside family can be a true blessing, but it can also be a curse. By sharing specific examples of success stories and of extreme failures, my aim of this speech is to help farming families stay in business, avoid pitfalls and love each other through good times and bad.


        Topic #3: Shifting Our Mindset & Shaping New Opportunities In Ag 

        The pandemic was a challenging and heartbreaking chapter in American history. It revealed the vulnerabilities and cracks in our food supply. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of small businesses closed their doors for good. In the face of great uncertainty and factors beyond our control, Radke challenges her audiences to change their outlook, to look for new business opportunities where it appears none exist, and to pivot in creative and innovative directions in order to add value to their operations while serving as a high-quality supplier of safe, affordable, nutrient-dense food for consumers here and abroad. The overall message here is an empowering, motivating, inspiring theme that will have audiences exploring ways to INNOVATE. PIVOT. CONNECT. SERVE. And LEAD WITH POSITIVITY!  

        Topic #4: The Heart of Rural America

        Amanda's new podcast, "The Heart of Rural America" highlights the amazing people she meets on the road. Their inspiring stories are motivational, inspirational, and touching. Along the dusty trail, Radke has noticed that in rural America, once thriving small towns now have main streets that are empty. As more young people pursue careers away from home, Amanda challenges families to help mentor, support, and encourage young kids and families to invest their time and talents at home in rural America, to ensure our farm and ranch communities remain strong. Community, fellowship, small businesses, and having a village to help us through life are the best attributes of rural America, and it's time we pay closer attention to ensuring its viability for future generations. 

        Topic #5: Classroom Visits

        If I’m coming to your upcoming meeting, why not coordinate a classroom visit while I’m there? This is a nice add-on that helps me practice what I preach. We need to share our agricultural stories with our consumers, and kids are a great place to start! Young people, in particular, need to hear about what farming and ranching is really like, to balance out some of the nonsense about agriculture they see on Disney movies!

        With my books, “Levi’s Lost Calf," "Can-Do Cowkids," "The Soil Quilt," "Beef Strong," and "A Home Run For Peanuts," I love visiting schools and sharing my agricultural story with students!


        Topic #6: "The 'P's' Every Motivated Young Person Needs To Know"
        Youth Career & Professional Development
        Passion. Practice. Pursue. Get Paid. Pivot. Purpose. 
        High school and college students face so much pressure today -- filling out scholarship applications, participating in an abundance of extracurricular activities and deciding at a young age what they want to study and be when they grow up.
        That's where I come in. I believe our young people are the future of agriculture and food security in this country and around the world. The USDA reports that in the next couple of years, there will be 55,000+ jobs available for college graduates who specialize in agriculture, but only 33,000 applicants will pursue these exciting opportunities. With this shortage of qualified individuals, there are major opportunities.
        This speech delivers an empowering, impactful message for kids to chase their dreams while giving them the tools they need to effectively utilize social media to advocate for agriculture, brand themselves and carve out opportunities in the field of their choice! 
        Topic #7: "Your Will, Not Mine" 
        Following God's Lead By Walking In Faith & Obedience
        As a mom of four and foster/adoptive mom, the calling I felt in my heart to open up our heart and home to vulnerable youth can only be described as a work of God. This very vulnerable, heart-felt message is full of inspiration, heartbreak, overcoming obstacles, love, family, and a focus on how we can each make a difference in our families, our communities, and this world if we first take the time to listen to God and follow His calling, even if that calling is incredibly difficult.
        A testimony from this speech from Diane Johnson, Details by Design: "When I had to use paper towels for the tears.....because a tissue isn't enough. It was amazing. Raw emotions were amazing."

        Topic #8: Activist Awareness - Are you prepared?

        We often approach activist attacks with a “that’ll never happen to me”… until it does. In this session, Amanda Radke will share personal experiences her family and friends have had with animal rights activists and environmental extremists and break down what response methods and tactics we should leave in the dust.
        This presentation provides updates on legislative items and ballot initiatives that may impact your way of life in agriculture. 

        Topic #9: Cowgirl Authors Scarlett & Amanda Radke

        Promoting ag literacy in schools has always been a passion of mine. I've taken my books from Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere in between. With nine children's books teaching kids about where their food comes from, I encourage others to use these stories as a resource to educate, empower, and engage young people on agriculture. 

        Now to make it even more fun, my 9-year old daughter, Scarlett, has written her own book, "Scarlett & Lucky," inspired by the true story of her bottle calf, who went viral on social media. Families and kids alike love this message! Interactive and fun!