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Ag Literacy

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Several years ago, I noticed that the number of agriculturally-accurate kids books available in the marketplace were pretty minimal. Now as a mom to three sweet kiddos who love reading books each night, it’s become painfully obvious that the list of books that actually reflect what agriculture life is truly about is incredibly short.

Think about it. So many of today’s mainstream books about farm and ranch life feature a cow who is standing on his back legs and talking to the other barnyard animals. The people are often the secondary characters to the humanized animals. Or worse, the rancher is the “bad guy” in the story, and the animals must learn to thrive despite human intervention.

I hoped to change that, and I wanted to give kids stories about farm and ranch life that celebrated the people in agriculture and highlighted the wonderful ways we care for the land and the livestock.

Teaming up alongside talented illustrator Michelle Weber and an incredible graphic designer, Tracy McMurphy, we created a business called Ag Storytellers, and we are currently seeking partners for our next project! Our clients have included the Georgia Beef Board, Georgia Peanut Commission, South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, South Dakota Beef Industry Council, Beef Logic, and Zoetis. Learn more here. 

Levi's Lost Calf

In 2011, I wrote my first children’s book, “Levi’s Lost Calf,” and since then, I’ve traveled across the country reading the book to thousands of elementary school kids. The story (which is geared for K-2 grades) introduces readers to a young cowboy named, Levi, who rides out one crisp fall morning to bring the cattle home from the pasture. After a head count, Levi is surprised to discover that one calf is missing. Little Red, his favorite heifer calf, is nowhere to be found. Determined to prove to his parents that he is a responsible rancher, Levi rides out with his horse, Pepper, and his trusty dog, Gus, to find Little Red. On his search, readers see an abundance of wildlife who also call the ranch home. The takeaway of the story is ranching provides habitat for not only livestock, but other creatures, too. The book shows young readers the “cowboy way!”

Can-Do Cowkids

"Can-Do Cowkids" officially released in 2019. This farm-themed book (geared for 2-4 grades) was inspired by my three cowkids, Scarlett, Thorne and Croix, who are featured characters in the book. The story takes readers on an adventure around the farm while also introducing fun careers in agriculture.

According to the USDA, between 2015 and 2020, there will be an average of 57,900 annual openings for college graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and the environment. Of those jobs, 27% will be in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); 15% of jobs will be related to sustainable food and biomaterials production; and 12% of the openings will focus on education, communication and governmental services.

Yet, despite these 57,900 available career opportunities in agriculture, there are only 35,400 new U.S. graduates with expertise in these fields of study. The USDA says young people are, “essential to our ability to address the U.S priorities of food security, sustainable energy, and environmental quality in the years to come.”

In my classroom visits, I break down what these opportunities look like and how any kid — whether they grew up on a farm or not — can pursue these exciting and rewarding positions in agriculture. This message is perfect for elementary students and high school kids alike, and we can tailor the lesson to fit the intended audience. This title is also endorsed by the American Farm Bureau Foundation. 

A Home Run For Peanuts

Published in 2020, this is a classic story of farming, fun, family and working hard to achieve a goal!

The Georgia Peanut Commission is proud to present “A Home Run For Peanuts!" Meet Jake, and his loyal farm dog, Max! They live on a Georgia peanut farm and are excited to show you around! Grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and let's explore the farm through the changing seasons. Along the way, we will discover how farmers take care of their farm machinery, plant the seeds, tend to the crop, harvest the peanuts and enjoy the fruits of their labor!Plus, we'll see how Jake applies lessons learned on the farm into other areas of his life — studying for tests at school, overcoming obstacles and practicing his baseball swing for the big game!

Written by author Amanda Radke with a strong focus on agricultural accuracy and promoting literacy about farm production, teachers and parents will appreciate the built-in educational component of this story, which also includes a glossary of farm terms and a tasty peanut recipe for kids to enjoy.Young readers will enjoy the vibrant illustrations painted by artist Michelle Weber, which truly brings the story to life and makes for a memorable, legacy book to have on your shelf for generations to come! Fall in love with these playful characters as they work on the farm, go to school and play ball!This is a fun and educational read geared for second and third grade reading levels, but this book can be enjoyed by children of all ages! Welcome to the Georgia peanut farm! We are happy to have you here! 


The Soil Quilt

Presented by Ag Storytellers and the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, prepare to get your hands dirty while working with soil on the farm! Meet Joey - a student from New York City who is spending his summer vacation with his grandma on the family's farm and ranch in South Dakota!Over the course of the summer, Joey learns the ins and outs of farm life. Working alongside his Grandma, he discovers how producers work to promote soil health with responsible conservation practices.

Along the way, Joey learns about the Dust Bowl, flies a drone, weeds the garden, sells produce at the farmers market and discovers that the land he loves looks like his favorite patchwork quilt his Grandma made him!"The Soil Quilt" offers a fun, educational and realistic story that will teach students how to be true stewards of the land! With stunning illustrations by Michelle Weber, the lessons will leap off the page in vibrant color and life-like imagery.

Written for third graders by Amanda Radke, this book features a glossary of terms, perfect for teachers to use as a spelling list in the classroom!"The Soil Health" is the fourth published agriculturally-accurate book produced and published by the Ag Storytellers team. 

BEEF Strong

Do you want to BEEF StrongJoin Maggie and Charlie at Build Your Base Sports Camp as they learn from athletes about what it takes to be flexible, driven, energized, focused, powerful, agile, fast, and strong!

Set goals. Move your body. Practice. Rest. Drink water. And eat well by filling your plate with nutrient-rich protein like beef! Let’s build our base with beef and have some fun!

Together, we are BEEF Strong!

This book is a project of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, Sanford Health, and the Beef Checkoff. The story focuses on young athletes, sports nutrition, and healthy active lifestyles with BEEF!

C is for Care

Created in collaboration with Ag Storytellers and Zoetis, “C is for Care” helps young readers learn the alphabet while exploring the bond that farmers and ranchers share with their cattle — and the many ways they care for them.

Both engaging and educational, author Amanda Radke and illustrator Michelle Weber capture moments of care from A to Z with simple words and colorful illustrations.

Introduce the little readers in your life to the people of dairy farms and ranches with “C is for Care.”

For additional resources & activities that coordinate with this project, visit Zoetis' "Born of the Bond." 

Faith, Family, Freedom

**Buy a soldier a steak with this book! For every book sold, I will donate $1 to the All-American Beef Battalion. Learn more at!**

This book was created by two moms on a mission to celebrate these great American ideals and to inspire the next generation to feel the same.

A beautifully-illustrated story, this sweet children’s book is a work of art that truly captures the foundational values of the United States of America — faith, family, and freedom.

Written by author, Amanda Radke, and illustrated by artist, Michelle Weber, this children’s story was designed to inspire our nation’s youth to feel pride in their country, to have faith and hope in a brighter future, and to celebrate the hard-working families who make America a wonderful place to live.

A short and sweet poem make this story an enjoyable read for all ages, and the vibrant illustrations were inspired by real Americans who call this nation home.

A special prayer is included in this book, and the story offers a special salute to the men and women who serve in our military and who sacrifice so much to keep us free. God bless America!


Roll, Spread, Sprinkle, Bake

Everybody loves pizza, and you're invited to a fun day of making beef pizzas!

Follow along as we roll, chop, sprinkle, spread, and bake some yummy, melty, delicious, and nutritious cheeseburger pizza with Grandma!

This fun and whimsical book was written by children's book author, Amanda Radke, and illustrated by, Michelle Weber. Published by Ag Storytellers and presented to the public by Beef Logic.

Kid-friendly recipes are included in this book, so you can enjoy story time and a snack! A great book for families, classrooms, daycares, and libraries.

Join us as we celebrate beef -- for every age and every stage of life!

Published by Ag Storytellers. Presented by Beef Logic. 

Scarlett & Lucky 

Howdy, kids! You’re in for a rowdy adventure on the ranch!

It’s calving season, and a baby calf was born way too early out in the snow.

Cowgirl Scarlett names him Lucky, and it’s her job to take care of him.

Scarlett invites you to read this true story about a tiny but mighty little calf.

Written by Amanda's 9-year-old daughter, Scarlett Davy.