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WATCH Episode 4: Fun with Fourth Graders - Ag Education in Action!

Have you ever played “Stump the Cowboy & Cowgirl?” with 250 fourth graders? The kids and I just did a round, and wow, did they come up with some hard questions for us!

How many bones does a cow have? (It’s 207, if you didn’t know!) What’s a calf weigh at birth? How big will it get? What does it eat? Why do you wear cowboy boots? How do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Why do you put an ear tag in its ear? Does it hurt? Why are they so fluffy? And the list goes on!


We sure had fun fielding the fourth graders' questions at the Ag In The Classroom Event held in Mitchell, SD, which was hosted by the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce! On this episode of “Amanda Radke’s Reading Corner,” check out highlights from the event and learn how to create a fun and educational day on the farm in your community!

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