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WATCH Episode 3: Healthy & Hearty Beef Chili Recipe For Cold Winter Days

Our plans for a fun homeschool day with friends were derailed when Tyler brought the kids a cold bull calf to take care of, and after a long night of warming him up and bottle feeding him, Thorne woke up with a hankering for a hot bowl of beefy chili! 

On episode 3 of Amanda Radke's Reading Corner, here is a quick demonstration from Thorne on how we make beef chili in the cast iron skillet on the stove.

We use simple ingredients -- ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions, red chili beans, black beans, green chilies, and tomato juice, and seasoned to taste with cumin, paprika, garlic & onion powder, salt & pepper.

To make, simply brown the hamburger and season. Then add other ingredients and slowly simmer on low until veggies are tender. Serve with shredded cheddar cheese and a big dollop of sour cream!

Warm up a cold winter day with this savory beef chili!

P.S. The baby calf is doing great and is reunited with his mama! And apparently, snuggling a baby calf is a good motivator to work on math lessons, so I’m counting this as a homeschool win!

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