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Understand Your WHY & Know WHO You're Fighting For!

In every speech I give, I ask my audiences to do something big -- to step outside of their comfort zones, to look beyond their own pasture gates, to connect with consumers, to be solution-providers in our communities, and to build meaningful and lasting relationships with the people we aim to serve.
What motivates us to do those things? It all goes back to our "WHY." Why are we in production agriculture? Why do we tend to the land and the livestock? Why is it important? And even more than the why, WHO are we doing it for?
Everyone's answer will be different, but for me, I am fighting for a future for my four children back at home. I am fighting for the one-in-four children who go to bed hungry at night in this country. I am fighting for food security because a nation that cannot feed itself is not secure and it's people are not free.
I am fighting for the hard-working people in rural America who provide us with food, fiber, and energy. I am fighting for my foundational beliefs in faith, family, and freedom, and I hope it's reflected in my work and everything I do.
Last week, I had the pleasure of touring and speaking my way across Nebraska - from McCook, to Indianola, to Newman Grove. In 48 hours, I spoke 11 times to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from preschoolers to 12th graders to area ranchers.
And it was all made possible by people who have a firm grasp on their WHY and understand the work and the fight that lies ahead for all of us.
I want to give a very special thank you to Janet Rippe of Rippe Solutions and the crew at GENEX Beef for making so much of this possible, as well as the generous sponsors who helped bring these events to the community!
The fight continues, and I hope that you'll join me in my efforts to keep producers on the land, to keep meat, dairy and eggs on the dinner table, and to ensure that all Americans have access to the essentials of life -- food, fiber, and energy!
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