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The Real Climate Change Agenda Targets Human Life

Climate change is the conversation of our generation. As kids in school, we were taught to reuse, reduce, recycle, and that it was our job as citizens of this planet to care for our natural resources.

Growing up on a farm and ranch, this just came naturally. Tending to our land, water, and livestock is our way of life, and it is what we have done well for generations. Our pastures and fields are healthier and more productive today than they were when my grandparents and great-grandparents were farming, and to me, that is the true definition of “sustainability.”

Of course, that word has been hijacked by the global elite, who are using that buzz word as an obvious land grab to control the population.

Does that sound like an extreme position to you? It’s shocking, but the evidence is quite strong that this is the plan.

Bill Gates is once again talking about how rich nations need to move to consuming synthetic meat only. In an interview with CBS Evening News, he told viewers, “Unless we can make the cow zero emission, which I’m not sure we can, we do need to get rid of those emissions. It’s not going to happen over night — to scale up and innovate [synthentic beef].”

While we can all do our part to be even better environmental stewards, it appears to me that investors are simply using the climate change discussion as a way to line their pocketbooks.

Get a load of this — a company called MeliBio has raised $5.7 million to scale and commercialize bee-free honey aimed at disrupting the $10 billion dollar honey industry.

According to the Business Wire, “MeliBio’s first product was indistinguishable to traditional honey in an industry blind taste test and over 30 companies around the world signed up to be among the first to use the products. Bee-free honey addresses the looming impact of the climate crisis on the honey industry, including biodiversity loss and supply chain issues.”

That’s just one of hundreds of examples I could find where slick investors are playing God with our natural resources and trying to “disrupt” the market on traditional food items and replace it with their new and trendy imitation products.

As these investors attempt to phase out naturally-occurring foods like meat, dairy, eggs, and even honey, one has to wonder what is the climate impact of these synthetic, imitation products. And more importantly, how will these products impact human health and wellness overtime?

Now, you might be thinking — well, I will never buy these products, I want the real deal!

You and I would agree on that sentiment. However, it’s all about coercing and changing consumer habits. How can the elite get that done? Sin taxes, social credit scores, increased burdensome regulations, bad press, celebrity campaigns, lawsuits aimed at producers by animal rights activists and environmental extremists, and the list goes on.

It’s all about conditioning people and changing human habits overtime. It’s why we’ve seen newspapers warn us that one day beef would be a “luxury” only enjoyed by the elite, or why the push for electric cars is so great right now as fuel prices are skyrocketing. And if monopolizing on a crisis doesn’t do the trick, they can always condition us to change our habits through social credit scores.

Mastercard recently unveiled a new carbon calculator tool to track your carbon footprint data with each of your transactions. The Mastercard Carbon Calculator would inform consumers about the carbon footprint of their purchases, providing a snapshot of the carbon emissions generated by each of their purchases with tips for living more sustainability.

The website reads like a snapshot of the Green New Deal, and I believe programs of this ilk will  first be sold to us as voluntary programs before it’s determined that they should be mandatory.

Will our credit cards be shut off if its deemed our climate impact is too high? Would that limit the fuel I could buy, the meat I could eat, or the activities I enjoy? How is that okay in a free society?

If you are alarmed like I am, then it is past time to push back. To combat this trend, let’s begin by shouting from the rooftops what farmers and ranchers do really well in regards to conservation, stewardship, improving our soil health, and providing the essentials to enrich human life We have an amazing success story to tell, but if we sit silent on the sidelines, the narrative against us is strong and relentless. Let’s get to work!

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  • Farmers and Ranchers are the original and truthful environmentalist – we live off the land so we take care of the land, we respect the land. People like Bill Gates just wants to purchase the land, items and products to comply with his agenda, not having any idea how to care for the land, the crops or livestock. He sits behind a desk and comes up with his latest idea to make money for himself. Farmers and Ranchers deal with crops and livestock to help you the humans of America and the World. Don’t listen to the fat cats, bureaucrats and businesses who are there to make money. Listen to the Farmers and Ranchers who are there to help you – help you eat good vegetables and meats, to help you live a better life. Use common sense in your decisions.

    Linda Vensel

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