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The Journey Is The Reward

I recently traveled with CK6 Consulting to California for the Kern Cattle Coast To Coast Sale, an event that brings Angus breeders from across the country together for an annual showcase of elite genetics.

Much different than South Dakotas agricultural landscape where I call home, I was in awe of the scenic views and was hungry to learn more about the farming there. Surrounded by oranges and almonds, lush fields of alfalfa, large dairies, wineries, and the gorgeous Sequoia National Park just down the road, this region is truly a powerhouse of food production and natural resources, and it was humbling to experience it first-hand.

But even more than the scenery and robust agriculture production was the people. It seems no matter where I go in this country, when I have the chance to travel rural America, I am never disappointed by the folks I encounter and the rich conversations I have the opportunity to engage in.

One example of this happened at the pre-sale dinner. I was introduced to a gentleman named Lee, and he offered me a spot next to him while we ate. As we enjoyed our steaks, we visited, and I quickly learned he was a Vietnam veteran, successful owner of multiple businesses, a passionate cattleman, and family man, and listening to his story and lifetime of achievements was incredible to hear.

He asked me what I did, and I rattled off my list wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, consultant, retailer, speaker, rancher Ive got to admit, I was tired just telling him about the hats I wear.

He listened to my story, and he asked me, Can I give you some business advice?"

Without hesitation, I told him to let me hear it. What came next will stick with me for a lifetime. He gave me some great suggestions for managing my businesses, delegating tasks by hiring talented people, and how to network with others to gain important wisdom and skip painful and expensive lessons along the way.

This was all super valuable, and I listened intently to every word, but then with teary eyes, he gave me the most important advice of all. He said, Amanda, youre in a season of growth in business and cattle and family, but it all goes so fast."

I nodded, knowing that even though family and business are immense blessings, the load can be heavy at times. 

He continued, Managing it all can be stressful and exhausting, and you might be impatient to get to the next level. But dont ever forget to savor the moment youre in. Dont forget to pause and acknowledge how far youve come. Dont wish away these years because theyll be gone in a blink of an eye.

How poignant those words are. In our agricultural pursuits, how anxious are we to get to that next level? How impatient can we be to build and increase what generations before us have spent a lifetime laboring for! How self-critical we can be that we arent doing enough, being enough, achieving enough.

But the reality is, we must remember that the journey is the true reward!

I think about the early days of our marriage Tyler and I both freshly graduated from college, with nothing but student loans and car debts to our name. By the grace of God, we were able to get a note to buy our dream place, but it took a couple of years to even begin to afford putting cattle in the lots. We were scrappy in those early days, and we took nothing for granted. And along the way, we built a family, a life, and businesses, too. 

I pondered all of this and Lees powerful advice earlier this week, as I watched my kids play along the banks of the creek that winds through our cattle pasture. They were covered in mud and their laughter echoed through the valley. My first thought was that they were making a huge mess, and it would take forever to clean them up. But then my second thought was, I need to savor this moment. I realized Tyler and I are living in our those were the good old daysyears, and I dont want to blink and miss a minute of it.

No matter what season of life youre in, I think this is a reminder to us all to treasure each precious moment we have with our loved ones, to acknowledge how hard weve worked and how far weve come in our goals, and to keep our eyes on the future, motivated by the realization that the seeds we plant today could impact generations of our family for years to come.


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