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The Future Looks Bright, But Only If We Fight For It

Every week when Im on the road speaking, I am blessed to meet incredibly inspiring people hard-working farmers, ranchers, families, entrepreneurs, creatives, and community leaders.

They are the driver behind my podcast, The Heart of Rural America,as well as this column. Their stories encourage me on the road, and I often arrive back home to the ranch with new ideas, great stories, and wonderful friendships in this agricultural community we love.

So what does the heart of rural Americareally mean anyway? Its not just long-forgotten flyover states; its good people, working as stewards of the land, livestock, and their communities, who are the backbone of this nation, and Im proud to know them.

However, incredible challenges exist that threaten all of this that I hold dear, and thats why a call-to-action is needed.

Now Im not waxing poetic about days gone by when I encourage folks to shop their values by supporting local businesses and encouraging commerce and fellowship on our rural main streets.

I mean it.

What can we do to keep producers on the land, main streets thriving, and create new opportunities for our kids and grandkids to raise their families?

It starts here.

I recently had one of those perfect days to highlight what Im talking about. It was a beautiful Saturday in South Dakota clear skies, sunshine, and the open road. Many possibilities awaited me.

I kicked off the day at 6B Supplies and Seeds in Alpena, SD. Right at the home place of the Baruth family, I picked up the most beautiful flowers for summer. We chatted about being anxious to get our cow-calf pairs to pasture, and then I hit the road. Thank you, Lisa Baruth!

My destination for the day was Aberdeen, SD, where a hog roast and private property rights rally featuring candidates running for office in South Dakota was held.

The Brown County Fair grounds was packed. The speeches were great. The pork was phenomenal. And the fellowship amongst like-minded patriots was incredible. We the people can make a difference; I truly believe that.

After the event wrapped up, I made one more stop before heading home in Andover, SD, at The Meathouse.

Owned by Justin Moorehouse, this state-of-the-art USDA inspected meat processing facility is just a year old, and has quickly filled a need in the area.

With a focus on Wagyu beef and cattle, its a family affair with eyes on the future. Im excited to fire up the grill today with some Meathouse steaks. Follow The Meathouse on social media, and be sure to swing in for some beef and tell them Amanda sent you!

Watch for a full episode on the podcast soon. These guys are the real deal with grit, determination, and a commitment to the beef cattle business, and you need to hear their story!

Its been a busy time at home on the ranch. Planting. AIing cows. Hauling pairs to pasture. Fixing fence. And the list goes on.

Yet, Im fueled by the community that exists outside my own pasture gates one where neighbors take care of each other; where we encourage our young people to start businesses right at home; and one that when the going gets tough and an attack on our way of life comes to the community, we all band together in unity.

Yes, this country faces a lot of challenges, but theres hope for the future. We the people are the solution, but only if we choose it, demand it, and fight for it.

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