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Small Acts Of Kindness Impact The World In Big Ways

Watching all of our SD Junior Beef Ambassadors read stories in their classrooms this week, I was really missing being able to do the same to celebrate National Read Across America Day, but the trade off was a pretty amazing couple of days in Illinois for the Women Changing The Face of Agriculture event!
After two years of planning, we finally got it done, and wow, was the wait worth it! I am absolutely floored by the incredible group of women, FFA members, organizers, sponsors, and agricultural leaders I had the chance to meet and interact with!
It was an honor to share my message with all of these amazing women in agriculture, and there was a moment just before my speech that really highlighted what is so great about these events. It was a silly little thing, but it got me thinking about the much bigger picture.
I had a string hanging off my blazer, and just before I walked up on stage, a gal from the TV station noticed it and asked if she could pull it off for me. After several attempts, she couldn't get it without ripping the fabric, but pretty soon, two more women were involved and one pulled out her handy pocket knife, and in short notice, these very capable, get-it-done farm girls had me ready to rock and roll on the stage.
I had to laugh because I felt like a show heifer in the fitting chute with everybody fussing over me, and the string really wasn't a huge deal. But what struck me was that these women cared enough and wanted me to look my best as I did my work and shared my message. It was a small gesture that spoke volumes about the hearts of women in agriculture.
Today, I challenge you to lift someone up in a big or small way. Pick up the phone and catch up with an old friend. Send a message to an old classmate and ask how they are doing. Offer to lend a hand where it's needed. Compliment someone on the work they are doing, or remind them why you value their friendship.
The world is a dark place right now, but we can be the light in it. Go out and shine brightly wherever you go, and I guarantee that's exactly what you'll attract and receive in return!

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