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Like Frogs In The Pot Of Boiling Water

Having the task to walk through and lay out the strategies of animal rights activists and green tyrants is no small order.
They are ruthless, relentless, persistent, and determined to strip producers off the land and eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs from the dinner table.
Their websites boast of ways they will change the farm bill, insert new restrictive policies, use fear-mongering to push through ballot initiatives, and share emotionally-charged rhetoric to line their pockets with cash from well-meaning citizens.
Yet, like frogs in the pot of slowly boiling water, it's frustrating to me to watch so many in the agricultural community thinking we can "play nice" and "negotiate" with people who want us to cease to exist.
I'm here to tell you -- you'll never love your animals enough, and you'll never be "green" enough for the folks who are incrementally breaking down our ability to continue the tradition of being stewards of the land and livestock.
I've written about this at length on the Radke Report, but one bomb that I dropped at the Livestock Marketing Association's Annual Convention was Project CounterGlow -- an activist organization map, which pinpoints exact locations of livestock facilities, rodeo grounds, sale barns, and cattle ranches.
And wouldn't you know -- several of the members in the audience searched their locations, and sure enough, they were listed on the map. As an example, 5,800 farms are pinned in Iowa, with another 2,095 locations targeted in North Carolina.
The goal of this map is to encourage its grassroots members to capture footage of these farms and ranches, through any means possible -- breaking into barns, using drones to fly overhead, etc.
Awareness is key, and I would encourage you to read some of my posts on this topic to help you understand what we are up against in animal agriculture.
If this is something your group would like to be briefed on, it is one of the topics I offer as a speaker. I am now booking Fall 2023/Winter 2024 events, and I would love to come bring your members up to speed on the escalating threats of both animal rights activists and environmental extremists. (And make no mistake -- these two are the same dragon with two different heads...)
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