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Let's "Roll, Spread, Sprinkle, Bake"

We have a Friday night routine in our house. We have a classic pizza and movie night, and it’s a great way to unwind after a busy week.

Pizza is a classic American staple, and it also happens to be the center of my new children’s book, “Roll, Spread, Sprinkle, Bake.”

Last week, the new book officially released, making it number-eight in my series of food and agricultural books for children.

It’s a goal of mine to continue to educate and empower the next generation of kids, so they know where their food comes from and can be critical thinkers in the face of endless anti-agriculture propaganda in kids books, cartoons, and movies.

“Roll, Spread, Sprinkle, Bake” was written by myself; illustrated by Michelle Weber; and published by Ag Storytellers on behalf of the Build Your Base program. The book was sponsored by Beef Logic, the Beef Checkoff Program, the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, and Sanford Health. 

Build Your Base is a comprehensive sports nutrition program that utilizes beef as its premier protein. It strives to prepare athletes and their families for a successful sports season through ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance.

What really makes this program cool is it has expanded to more than 50 schools in South Dakota, with high school and collegiate athletes learning about how beef can help fuel their healthy, active lifestyles.

And it was a great honor to help develop, write, and produce an elementary-level book that ties into this program.

The story centers around kids who spend the day at their fun and quirky grandma’s house. The day is full of adventure as Grandma takes the kids around town — to the library, the park, and the grocery store.

Picking up the ingredients to make beef pizza, the kids help Grandma purchase the items, and together, they head back home to prepare a tasty meal for everyone to enjoy around the dinner table.

Kids will remember the simple steps of making a pizza — roll the dough; spread the sauce; sprinkle the meat, cheese, and vegetables; and bake until everything is hot and bubbly.

The book also includes three easy pizza recipes that families will love. My kids really enjoy the mini English muffin mini pizzas, where they can choose their own toppings and make it their own!

Plus, there’s a fun song and dance to do together after reading the story that can help get the wiggles out. Kids will be laughing and dancing while their pizza bakes. You can’t beat that!

These books are available at my site,, and since March is Agricultural Literacy Month, now is a great time to spend some time in the classroom and read a story about agriculture to kids!

This book accompanies another Build Your Base story titled, “Beef Strong,” which was developed to promote sports nutrition in elementary schools, as well. 

Learn more about Build Your Base at, and discover how you can promote beef as a premier protein for student athletes along the way! 




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