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Highlights From The Road: Thank You For An Incredible 2022

52 Events - 2 New Published Children's Books - Thousands Of Stories Read To Kids - Thousands Of People Met - Priceless Connections & Memories Made - 1 Very Humble & Grateful Heart
As we wrap 2022, I’m so thankful for the opportunity speak at a whopping 52 events this year. I’ll forever be grateful for the thousands of people I’ve met; the books we’ve been able to share across the country at schools and libraries; and the amazing connections and memories made along the way! Truly priceless!
I am looking forward to 2023, and glancing at my calendar of events, it appears I have some very exciting stops along the trail in the upcoming year! I hope to see you very soon at an event near you!
But here’s the deal — I don’t speak fluff on the road. There is too much at stake right now, and every event provides an opportunity to empower everyday citizens to take charge and change the course of America’s history.
The American farmer and rancher is in serious trouble, and that means your food security and dollars spent on your groceries will continue to be impacted, too.
We must rally together to fight for a brighter future for our next generation. We must stand arm in arm, as we champion for America’s farmers and ranchers. We must continue to dismantle the systems and agendas that seek to strip producers off the land and take meat, dairy, and eggs off the dinner table. We must continue to fight for food security and making sure the most vulnerable among us have access to safe and affordable food.
That’s my motivation when I hit the road, and although it’s terribly hard for me at times to leave my family to speak at events, it’s my four kids back at home who motivate me to keep up this fight. They deserve a chance at the American dream. They deserve the opportunity to be involved in production agriculture. And they deserve to live in a country where they have access to safe and affordable food.
I’m thankful for every single opportunity to speak out on issues that are impacting so many American families, just like mine.
THANK YOU again for an amazing 2022! Thank you for purchasing books, reading the stories in classrooms, shopping my site, reading my column, taking care of me when I run into trouble on the road, and being a part of this important mission. It means more than I can fully express into words.
Just thank you! And cheers to a New Year! We'll see ya in 2023!

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