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God Bless South Dakota

The #HeartOfRuralAmerica to me looks like this — friends, neighbors, and families coming together to stand up for their communities and to protect what is good and right. It’s standing firm in the truth, no matter the cost.


It’s instilling in our children and grandchildren through our efforts and example values of faith, family, freedom, grit, hard work, and service to one another. It’s valuing human life. It’s being a committed agriculturalist — a true steward of the land and livestock. It’s wrapping around someone in need. It’s caring about one another.


That’s the story I hope is told, and those are the values I pray are reflected, in an upcoming documentary that was shot today in South Dakota as everyday citizens have rallied together to protect their land, their private property rights, their families, and their communities from the devastating potential impacts of a Green New Deal carbon pipeline.


Watch for the documentary to release in the The New American. Special thank you to Rebecca Terrellfor listening and caring enough to tell our story.


May God continue to bless and protect South Dakota. And to the great people in this state who have fought so hard in this David and Goliath battle, please never forget these important truths — we only lose if we quit, and the load is made lighter when we carry it together.

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