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Cookbook Review: "Beef Based Baby" by Jordan Johnson

On this episode of Amanda Radke's Reading Corner, Amanda reviews a new cookbook that could be a perfect resource for parents looking for ways to nourish their babies during this uncertain time with formula shortages.

Although not a replacement for formula or breast milk, beef is a nutrient-dense product that can absolutely be offered to growing infants!

Beef has 10 essential nutrients including zinc, iron, and protein, which ensures that your child is receiving high-quality nourishment with each bite!

Written by Jordan Johnson, "BEEF Based Baby" features recipes for little ones with inspirational ideas and recipes on how to introduce beef as a first food.

Johnson writes, "These beefy first foods are simple to prepare, will expand your baby's palette, adjust their taste buds for nourishing whole foods, and aid in their growth and development for years to come."

Recipes include: Classic Beef Stew, Can't Beet It, Blue-Beary, Beef Giving, So Gourd For You, Breakfast Beef, Fiesta, and The Carrot On Top.

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