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Beat Boredom With Amanda Radke's Summer Reading Program For Kids!

Summer is here, and for most families, it's a great time for adventure, activities, extracurriculars, swimming and camps!

Yet, despite carefully planning a fun summer for our kids, chances are you'll hear at least once, "Mom, I'm bored..."

Let me help with that!

Introducing Amanda Radke's Summer Reading Program!

As parents, make the commitment now to introduce a wide variety of rich literature and fun stories to your children all summer long!

My complete book set includes seven stories that would be a great way to kick off your summer of reading!

Titles include:

  • "Levi's Lost Calf"
  • "Can-Do Cowkids"
  • "A Home Run For Peanuts"
  • "The Soil Quilt"
  • "BEEF Strong"
  • "C is for Care"
  • "Faith, Family, Freedom"

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