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Amanda Radke Joins CK6 Consulting

"If we do this thing right, we won't remember the genetics, we will remember the people." - Chris Earl, CK6 Consulting 
I spoke at 52 agricultural events in 2022 and have just completed 28 stops in the first half of 2023, and at every event, I have asked myself, "How can I help the farmer and rancher battle through another year with so many challenges to overcome?"
In the beef cattle industry that I love and am a part of myself, the deck is most certainly stacked against hard-working families on the land. With 85% of the beef supply held captive by a monopoly of four mega-packers, producers rarely see a fair shake in prices in this system.
Add in burdensome regulations, tyrannical climate change policies, private property rights under attack, animal rights extremists, politicians who are hell-bent on eliminating beef from the dinner plate, ongoing drought, rising input costs, and land prices through the roof, it's no wonder we have the lowest beef cattle inventory since 1962.
Yes, the deck stacked against us looks mighty tall indeed, but here is what I firmly believe about the American beef cattle producers I know and love:
They are resilient, independent, gritty, determined, hardy, passionate, dedicated, strong, and resolute. They have fire in their bellies, a heart for the land, a love of the livestock, and a devotion to their families and future generations, too. They are all this and more, or they wouldn't still be here.
But what they need right now is a fighting chance to keep doing what they do so well. They need the ability to become price makers and not price takers, to receive a fair value assessment for their hard work, and to be profitable for their commitment to raising beef.
The battle may look like it needs to go to the state capitol or D.C. (and yes, it absolutely does), but in the most pressing future, the battle for the survivability of the beef cattle producer is at the auction -- where identifying premier genetics, leveraging what you have, creating marketing opportunities, and capturing true value WINS THE DAY.
When competition, capitalism, and the free market come together, the American cowboy can keep doing what he does best -- turning grass into the most nourishing food on planet earth, BEEF.
That is the focus at CK6 Consulting Service, a company founded on faith, family, conservative values, and the future viability of the U.S. beef cattle industry. It's "family helping families," where "the only sustainability we care about is yours."
It's working in service to others. It's raising high-quality beef. It's developing cattle with elite genetics that lead the pack and change the game.
Getting to be a part of this team is an honor of a lifetime, and I'm thrilled beyond belief to continue to fight for America's premier cattlemen and women in a new way -- where it counts the most.
Thank you to Chris Earl, Wes Tiemann, and Kody Fleeman for welcoming me to the crew! I'm ready to hit the ground running, and I look forward to meeting and working with the CK6 clients in the months and years ahead!
God bless!

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