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Amanda Chats With Chris Earl, CK6 Consulting

"If we do this thing right, we won't remember the genetics, we will remember the people." - Chris Earl, CK6 Consulting 
If you've followed this page for long enough or have been at a conference where I've been a speaker, you know I'm passionate about lighting a fire within agricultural families, so they can go home and create new pathways to success in this livestock business we all love.
The challenges we face in production agriculture are immense. However, if we can leverage our true value in the marketplace for greater profitability, it will keep hard-working cattle ranching families together and on the land, where they can continue to focus on raising progressive cattle genetics and high-quality beef.
Today, I sit down with my dear friend and mentor, Chris Earl, to discuss how his business is focused on family helping families.
Chris shares how his faith drives how he operates his ranch, Reverse Rocking R Ranch, CK6 Consulting, and CK6 Source, his semen sales business. And, he explains what keeps him in the fight helping ranching families across rural America.
That fight, and commitment to keeping the independent cattle producer in the game, has resulted in some incredible, record-breaking sales in the Angus business. There is a palpable buzz in capturing value and creating new pathways to profitability in the Angus breed for his clients, and this year's cattle auctions, managed by CK6 Consulting, are evident of exactly that.
I invite you to listen to our chat as we discuss what's at stake, and learn how independent cattle producers can get in the fight for the future of our kids and grandkids.
This is the way! God bless!

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