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Welcome to the Heart of Rural America podcast. I’m your host Amanda Radke—a South Dakota cattle rancher, wife, mama for children’s book, author, and motivational speaker.

I started the show with a simple goal in mind—to share the untold stories of the often-overlooked independent farmer and rancher. On this program, we’ll discuss the challenges that face rural America and the anti-animal agriculture agenda that seeks to eliminate our way of life. But in the face of these ongoing battles, we’ll explore impactful solutions and meaningful pathways to profitability in order to keep producers on the land to safeguard our private property rights, and to keep meat, dairy, and eggs on the dinner table.

And in stark contrast to the ugly, divisive headlines in today’s main stream media, “The Heart of Rural America” will celebrate the faith, family values, patriotism, and work ethic of the incredible people I meet in my travels as an agricultural speaker. I hope you’ll be inspired by these agricultural entrepreneurs and rural families just as I am.

Now let’s hit the dusty trail together as we uncover the heart of rural America. -Amanda




  • my phone 605-460-1625 I would like to visit with you. Please call anytime

    Jamie Fisk
  • What are you going to do, to educate the general public of SD when SB201 is referred? How do we compete with big money advertisements supporting the CO2 pipeline? How do we educate the general public that this is not good for SD? Many people I have talked to, have no idea what this is about. Many do not care one way or the other. People in Sioux Falls do not realize how close and dangerous this is to their city.

    Jamie Fisk

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