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Debunking the Cattle & Climate Myth with Dave Duquette

“Weak men are allowing this to happen in America. Weak men are caving to the Green New Deal. Weak men are taking us down a pathway to starvation just to line their own pockets. And it’s going to require strong men to say, NO MORE.” 

Dave Duquette, of Western Justice, sits down to visit with me about agricultural policy, debunking the climate change and cattle myth, getting out the rural vote, and what’s ahead for the 2024 election season. 

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  • Tanya, here is the link to the study you requested.

    Would love to hear more about this methane study. Can you email me?

    Amanda Radke
  • I just listened to 2/28/24 podcast with Dave Duquette. Where do I find the notes you mentioned that would have the links to Western Justice, etc.? I’m sure I’ll find them googling, but for future reference I wanted to know how to find the “notes”. I had a little trouble grasping the scope of the grazing study and want to visit the site.

    Keep up the good work. Your time management must be exemplary to be able to do all you do. I recently have been researching methane, cattle emissions, GHG, GWP, etc., as a reaction to Jim Mundorf’s videos and podcasts (where you were incredibly knowledgeable & informed, btw) and have found it never stops! One acronym leads to another and one name to another, but boy, have I learned a lot and it’s about time I quit ranching along so passively! I have never felt threatened by research but as we enter a second year of a methane study we furnish cattle for, and I actually dig into their website and ask for the full objective list and actually tune into their verbiage, I am a little scared (as well as ashamed).
    Thanks, Tanya

    Tanya Wahlert

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