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From Plate To Pasture, Fred Linz Blazes A Trail

Fred Linz is the owner and chief executive officer of Meats by Linz, a multi-generation family-owned meat purveying company. Fred joined Meats by Linz in 1985, and he has focused heavily on building partners throughout the white tablecloth industry where he provides beef for some of the most iconic steakhouses around the world.

In 2012, Fred saw the need for quality and consistency in the industry, so he sought to build the Linz Heritage Angus program. Through the program, Fred has made it his mission to control every aspect of the process with best-in-class genetics sourced from Linz Heritage Angus at Blue Branch Ranch, taking part ownership in a feed yard, Timpas Feeders. He paired all of that with the family’s world-class processing facility, ultimately creating a conception-to-plate experience like no other.

Blazing a trail from plate to pasture, Fred’s story is well worth the listen. 

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