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Fake Meat & Climate Change Tyranny

Life is too short for fake friends, fake butter, and fake meat! 

Today, on “The Heart of Rural America,” Amanda Radke talks about trending headlines in the fake meat world, and how the agenda has been clearly laid out to not simply compete with traditional proteins like meat, dairy, and eggs, but to completely replace them and make them our ONLY option.

Plus, she shares a shocking story of a time when she was front row to listen to a Silicon fake meat investor speak, and his jaw-dropping response to her question, “How can you make sustainability claims like you do with no science to back it up?” His answer may just leave you speechless. 

And can you believe they are injecting pork DNA into soybeans for a meatless alternative that grows in a lab? What are your thoughts about the USDA FDA approving cell cultured meat for human consumption? Check out today’s episode and sound off in the comments your thoughts!

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