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Cattle, Country Music, & Fighting For Rural America with America with Clare Dunn

This week on "The Heart Of Rural America," I sit down with Clare Dunn!

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Breaking free of the chains of Nashville and record labels profiting off the values and backs of hard-working rural Americans, country music artist Clare Dunn does not hold back in sharing the stories that need to be told through powerful songs that we can relate to.

Clare says, “I just finally decided, I’m going to live an integral, authentic life, and if people don’t like my opinions, that’s okay.”

If you love cattle, country music, freedom, liberty, and the rural way of life, this show is going to knock your socks off!

You can catch Clare on the dusty trail Sept. 2nd in Lamar, Colorado. Join her for a benefit concert to raise money for John and Myrna DuVall who lost everything in a tornado.

This is how we take care of our own in rural America. This is where our hearts shine brightest.

Donate to the cause or purchase tickets for the event here:

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